Artist of the architecture ideas designer.

Author of the MANUAL STANDARD DESIGN update for ING BANK ŚLĄSKI SA Corporate.


Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk / Poland – Interior Design
October 1998 – June 2004

High School of Fine Arts in Olsztyn / Poland – Exhibitions
September 1992 – April 1998


In the years 2005-2008, he supported the visionary company BRP during the interior renovation of Emergency Ward of the City Hospital in Gdynia – after which he received an honorable mention for a high artistic level from the Mayor of Gdynia: Wojciech Szczurek.

2010  – registration of the Company named: KLD STUDIO – a specialist design studio.

In 2010 Adam was awarded with a contract with ING Bank for the implementation of the „Manual” Update Project (standardization book for interior design elements along with industrial guidelines) for all ING Bank corporate branches in Poland.

The obtained references were reflected by the following successes on the Polish market, namely by making an appearance in the world of business and philanthropy in the Warsaw Pure Sky Club.

2011-2013 – Member of the „Pure Sky Club” business club in Warsaw.

In 2012, as a part of donation for ill children – he made a conceptual ‚Masterplan’ for development, in the form of a donation covering 4 hectares of land with office facilities, stables, riding schools and recreational spaces for the Warsaw ‚Pociechom Foundation’. This scope was awarded by receiving the References from the Foundation’s Board.

In 2013, he made an official presentation of KLD STUDIO, during which he met the board of  ‚Foundation – World Didactic Center in Żelazowa Wola – the birthplace of Fryderyk Chopin’. The presentation met with such a huge recognition that he was invited to take up the position of ‚Project Director’ in the Foundation.

In 2013, Adam was invited by the mentioned Foundation, to participate in the ‚Studio Chopin’  and ‚Paderewski Museum’ Project.

2013, Adam visited Arab Emirates at the invitation of one of the Arabian Sheikhs, where business arrangements with VIP people took place in Burj Al Arab and Emirates Palace.

Currently, Adam Korulczyk prepares for operations on a global scale.



And what about a private and ultra-modern residence on the shore of an ocean to admire the captivating sunset with your loved ones, relaxing in jacuzzi and sipping your favorite drink? A beach spraeds in front of the residence and there is a wharf with a yacht marina. Captivating green architecture can be viewed around the property. Our company fulfills these dreams by designing real estate concepts together with the interiors in such a way that they perfectly fit into the landscape context, perfectly showing your prestige in the VIP segment.


How to manage your piece of land regardless of its size. Responsible company’s subdivision will work on a conceptual project according to your personal preference. Based on land development decision and in cooperation with landscape architects a new functional underground and ground land map is created with respect to the spacial context. Your space is filled in with our ideas so that no inch of the land is left void.


Would you like to become a yacht owner? The design department of our company will develop its external geometry and interior design. Cooperating with yacht shipyards and technologists in the shipbuilding industry – we develop, at your special request, an individual stylistic line of your boat, which will present the highest class of design and precisely highlight your or any institution’s prestige. Owing to this fact, you will be in possession of the world’s one and only original and luxurious model with a global reach.


Exhibition is so called the tip of an iceberg. In the area of expo design our Company meticulously prepares those invisible, underwater projects as well as those above the ground. Combining the identification elements with those of the exhibition, via the interactive and branding systems, we create geometrical and stylistical image of the space, in which your product is presented. Through the use of module and atypical systems in the area of walls, floors, lighting and multimedia – your expo is certain to succeed.


Comprehensive development of specialist interior designs in the world class geometry. Based on your guidelines and in agreement with technologists and contractors of particular industries, projects are prepared with the utmost care for every inch of your investment. We work with professional contractors and we ensure that all the elements of the project are carefully made according to the precise guidelines of the Adam Korulczyk.


Do you want the image of your brand to stand out from the millions of other brands? We will not allow the identification of your products to be at the level of regular graphics that we deal with every day. What should be done to ensure the graphic-image attractiveness that would appeal to your target customers. You provide us with guidelines and content – we geometrically compose, compare and give consistency in relation to the key marketing and PR strategies of your top brand.


In cooperation with companies involved in the production and execution of wall, parking and road security systems, we prepare general principle computer visualizations that reinforce the glamour of offered and sold products in the mechanical and technological sectors. As a result, your customer will receive precise information about the product offered at the pre-production stage. It allows you to economically and effectively present your products and enhance the profile of the brand in relation to others.


In addition, we provide a service involving the coordination of project implementation, consisting in the ongoing correction of the convergence of the project with the condition of implementation.

Design throughout the globe.

I run local and remote design works in electronic arrangements: e-mail and instant messengers.

Each project has a very complex structure consisting of several thousand objects and therefore effective and logistic planning is important.



ING Bank – corporate sector, Noble Bank – Private Banking, Alior Bank – Private Banking, Open Finance, Aforti Finance, Chopin Bank S.A., Nordea Bank, Chopin Foundation, Pociecha Foundation, Akogo Foundation, Investment Group, GSZ Group, Bank Club, Multikino, Marinus, 5th Star, BRP Poland, Bacio Di Angelo, ITI, Lubiana, Smsnd, Legalett, Proavangarda, Polish Aikido Group, Polkomtel, Martial Aarts Academy, Azymut 360, BBS design, RMD, Time Trends, Valentino, VIP Stars, Ferragamo, Abarth, Gznia, Enta, Yellow Cargo, Hidokan Dojo, Masa Katsu Dojo, Yudokan Dojo, Ukta, Manseikan Dojo, Kosowski Hair Studio.


1. Ideological studies:

– Conceptual / ideological project of space development, building exterior and interior of Paderewski museum and Chopin studio near Żelazowa Wola / Poland.

– Conceptual / ideological project of space development of Fundacja Pociechom at Wybrzeże Puckie 2 str. Warsaw / Poland;

– Conceptual / ideological project of space development of Polanica Zdrój / Wolany spa in Poland.

2. Conceptual studies:

Execution of conceptual projects:

– subway stations for the Government United Arab Emirates;

– interiors of night club relax in Piaseczno near Warsaw;

– interiors of “Qźnia Muzycznych Klimatów” (music climat forge) at stare miasto str. 29/32 Olsztyn;

– Maxxx pizza restaurant, Zaspa Gdansk;

– interiors of concert hall in Dubai Opera.

– interiors of district hospital in Bydgoszcz;

– reception desk in city hospital in Świecie;

– private residence Riviera on Mediterranean Coast;

– private residence in Gdańsk – Świbno;

– yacht for prosperous client;

– pylon bar in Warsaw;

– class s vehicle for “Mercedes Benz”;

– perfume bottle for “Dior”;

– Architecton;

– interiors of pattern shop of use porcelain Lubiana;

– interiors of archeological expo in Hamburg;

– city plan of Wałowa str. In Gdansk;

– signage of “Open Finance” at Święty Marcin str. In Poznan.

3. Functional studies:

Execution of functional projects:

– interior for company top cosmetics at Dominikańska str. In Warsaw;

– exhibition stand for touristic Expo in Dubai;

– interiors of Gdańsk-Suchanino library;

– re-arranging of interiors of Drwalew Palace near Warsaw;

– master plan with area arrangement and communications for “Fundacja Pociechom” at Wybrzeże Puckie 2 str. Warsaw;

– base for office, rehabilitation and social base of “Fundacja Pociechom” at Wybrzeże Puckie 2 str. Warsaw;

– stables, paddocks, recreation and exhibition space for “Fundacja Pociechom” at Wybrzeże Puckie 2 str. Warsaw;

– Recreation enclosure in Janowiec, Warmia-Masurian Voivodeship;

– Land space development and exterior, interior of KLD premises;

– Interiors of “Martial Art Academy”, Lendziona str. 5b, Gdansk;

– Interiors of architectural study at Majkowskiego str. In Sopot.

4. Execution studies:

Execution of project documentation:

– advertising pylon for “Fundacja Pociechom” at Wybrzeże Puckie 2 str. Warsaw;

– wall protection for “BRP Polska” company in hospital rescue ward in City Hospital in Gdynia, Starowiejska str.

– interior of “Open Finance” branch in Olsztyn, Bielsko Biała, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Lublin, Poznan, Szczecin;

– update of standard design manual book for “ING Bank – Corporate Banking”;

– interiors of “Noble Bank Private Banking” branch at Staromiejska str. In Katowice; Ratajczaka str. In Poznańh; grunwaldzka str. In Gdańsk; Piłsudski sqr. In Warsaw; Domaniewska str. in Warsaw;

– interiors design with execution supervision of board offices of Herbapol at Chełmska str. In Warsaw;

– interiors design with execution supervision of “ING Bank – Corporate Banking” branch at Malczewskiego 45 str. In Warsaw, Malczewskiego 45 str. In Warsaw; Kopcińskiego 73/75 str. In Łódź; Chorzów; Lublin; Radom;

– interiors design with execution supervision of private apartment at Mozarta 6 str. And Sonaty str. In Warsaw;

– interiors design with execution supervision of private apartment at Komisji Edukacji Narodowej str. In Warsaw;

– interiors design with execution supervision of private apartment at Banderii 4 str. In Warsaw;

– interiors design with execution supervision of hospital rescue ward in City Hospital in Gdynia, Starowiejska str.

– interiors design with execution supervision of Clinic “Budzik” (awaking clock) for foundation Akogo in Warsaw;

– interiors of private living building at Popiełuszki str. In Ząbki near Warsaw / Poland;

– interiors with visualization of private house in Kąkolewica in Lubelskie Voivodeship;

– interiors of private house in Mława, Warsaw Mokotów, at Sempołowska 2 str. In Gdańsk, Olsztyn;

– interiors of selling house of company “Dom Development” at Saska Kępa in Warsaw;

– conference tables with build in tablets for “Alior Bank – Private Banking”;

– conference tables with build in media port for “ING Bank – Corporate Banking”;

– furniture of “Noble Bank – Private Banking” branch at Aleje Jerozolimskie str. In Warszaw; Szyperska 14 str. In Poznań; Pilotów 2 str. In Krakow; Szczecin;

– furniture for company “GSZ Studio” at Żwirki i Wigury str. In Warsaw;

– furniture for “Polkomtel” company, “Plus GSM” shop in Krakow;

– furniture for company “Salvadore Ferragamo” – shop Valentino at Moliera str. In Warsaw;

– unique furniture for “Time Trend” group Zibi at Chmielna str. In Warsaw; Shopping Centre Arkadia mall in Warsaw;

– furniture for beauty salon “5th Star” at Słonimskiego str. In Warsaw;

– furniture for hospital rescue ward in city hospital in Gdynia, Starowiejska str.

– furniture for reception desk and conference hall of the board of directors of “ITI Multikino” at Wiertnicza str. In Warsaw;

– unique VIP wall for “Open Finance” branch at rondo ONZ in Warsaw;

– DJ stand for “Club Bank” at Mazowiecka str. In Warsaw;

– press stand for “Noble Bank – Private Banking”.

5. Direction signage:

– execution of design for interior and exterior direction signage of hospital rescue ward in City Hospital in Gdynia, Starowiejska str.

6. Web pages layouts:

6.a) execution of layouts design of web pages for:

– “Land of Chopin” in Żelazowa Wola;

– company “Sensei Centrum Przygody” (sensei adventure centre) in Żuławka near Gdańsk;

– company “Yellow cargo” in Warsaw;

– “AAI-Polska” dojo in Warsaw;

– “Fundacja Pociechom” at Wybrzeże Puckie 2 str. Warsaw;

– “5th Star” company in Warsaw;

– “Chopin Bank” S.A. in Warsaw;

– “Polish Aikido Group”;

– Relaxation Resort “Dorotka” in Władysławowo;

– Parish Grzęda;

– Korulczyk Luxury Design;

– Aikido “Hidokan Dojo” at Mława;

– DWL Group;

– Asialink 24;

6.b) design and execution of complete web pages for:

– company “Pik tapicer” in Gdansk

– company “Legalett” in Gdansk

– painter Bartłomiej Kownacki

– “Martial Arts Academy” in Gdansk

7. Logos design:

Execution of logo designs for:

Company Naseem Albawadi General Contracting in Dubai, Forest Land Residences, Hair Salon Kosowski, Hayati Style, Moja Bawaria, Clockwise, Bacio Di Angelo, Limes, Shark Team, Provangarda, VIP stars, Parish Grzęda, Fire Brigade in Grzęda, Robert Plichta school, Polstar Polska, Korulczyk Luxury Design, Ostpreussen, Lomi Lady Line, Chopin Hotel, Euro Connections, Ostpreussen, Kwiatami Usłane, Qźnia Muzycznych Klimatów,

8. Commercial materials:

Execution of projects:

– big scale wall graphics in pub of “Qźnia Muzycznych Klimatów” (music climat forge) at Stare Miasto str. 29/32 Olsztyn;

– signage on buildings crowning at elsnera 9 str. for housing cooperative “Służew Nad Dolinką” in Warsaw;

– signage revitalization of “Martial Arts Academy” at Lendziona 5b str. In Gdańsk;

– company “Legalett Booklet”;

– commercial leaflet for housing cooperative “Służew Nad Dolinką” in Warsaw;

– graphical commercial materials for “Fundacja Pociechom” at Wybrzeże Puckie 2 str. Warsaw, fundacja pociechom at wybrzeże puckie 2 str. Warsaw,

– „Martial Arts Academy” at Lendziona 5b str. In Gdansk, “BBS design” in Gdynia,

– graphical commercial materials for law firm “Enta” in Warsaw;

– graphical commercial materials for “BRP Poland”;

– commercial leaflet for “Aikido Hidokan Dojo”;

– graphical commercial materials for company “Aforti Finance” in Warsaw;

– graphical commercial materials for driving centre “Śmiarowski” in Gdańsk;

– graphical commercial materials for exhibition stand for construction expo in “Pałac Kultury i Nauki” for housing cooperative “Służew Nad Dolinką” in Warsaw;

– graphical commercial materials for “Restauracja Ukta Główna” in Poland;

– graphical commercial materials for “Polish Aikido Group”;

– graphical commercial materials for “Korulczyk Luxury Design”;

9. Multimedia presentations:

– execution of project and realization of interactive multimedia presentation for “Legalett” company in Gdańsk;

– execution of project and realization of movie presentation of development at Elsnera 9 str. For housing cooperative “Służew Nad Dolinką” in Warsaw;

– execution of computer visualizations of parking safety devices for “Akademickie Centrum Medycyny Inwazyjnej Akademii Medycznej” at Smoluchowskiego str. in Gdańsk.

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