Korulczyk Luxury Design Company [KORULCZYK DESIGN] – was founded in 2010 by Adam Korulczyk.

In addition to institutional projects, our Portfolio also includes projects for private investors in Poland and abroad. In the current year, we were invited to participate in the development of conceptual designs for the UAE metro station and a luxury hotel in Vietnam.

The result of our creative and passionate actions is Customer Satisfaction supported by reference letters.


ADAM KORULCZYK (born in 1978 in Poland) – Polish designer, visionary, artist, propagator of the LUXURY – FUTURISTIC style in the field of architecture, interior design, furniture and visual identification. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk / Poland – Interior Design. He has been involved in art and design since 1992.

Selected completed projects:

– Update of the Manual of the Space Design Standard for ING Bank;
– Interior design with guidelines for ING Bank branches – corporate branches in Poland;
– Design of the image of the elevation geometry of the newly-designed building in Warsaw / SM Służew nad Dolinką;
– The project of the image of the façade lighting and the stylistics of the gate passageway of the building at Sonata St. in Warsaw / SM Służew nad Dolinką:
– Project support for the Warsaw Pociechom Foundation in planning, architectural and identification areas;
– Interior design of the Kosowski Studio Fryzur;
– Interior design of the Budzik Clinic in Warsaw;
– Apartment project in the Lower Town of Gdańsk;
– In the years 2005-2008 he supported BRP company design solutions during the implementation of the interiors of the Hospital Emergency Department in Gdynia – he received a distinction for a high artistic level from the hands of the Mayor of Gdynia: Wojciech Szczurek.

In 2013, he made an official presentation of his Korulczyk Luxury Design company, during which he met the Board of the institution which was: “Foundation – World Didactic Center in Żelazowa Wola – the birthplace of Fryderyk Chopin”. The presentation met with such a huge recognition that he was invited to take up the position of Project Director at the Foundation.

As a volunteer, he supports the Warsaw Pociechom Foundation.
Hobby: painting and photography.
He has black belt Aikido 2 DAN.


Adam Korulczyk – KORULCZYK LUXURY DESIGN provide:

1. Architectural concepts,
2. Interior design,
3. Designing of the Design Standardization Book of Places for Corporations and Sales Networks,
4. Designing Expo space,
5. Designing visual identification,
6. Functional design of the area – Masterplan,
7. Author’s supervision and coordination of implementation.

The Company’s activity in the design industry is based on the knowledge and experience gained during many years of apprenticeship.


The general team consists of a group of professionals:
owner and management, authorized architects, planners, 2D graphic designers, 3D graphic designers, draftsmen and office employees.
In addition, the company outsources and coordinates subcontracting work consisting in making mockups and prototypes designed by Adam Korulczyk.


KLD operates globally for VIP clients in investment areas.
Negotiations and design works are currently carried out in the following locations:
United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Vietnam


Thank you for your interest in the Design Company KORULCZYK LUXURY DESIGN. We design throughout the globe.
We conduct local and remote design work via electronic arrangement: e-mail and instant messengers.
Each project has a very complex structure consisting of several thousand objects and therefore effective logistic planning is important.

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